GPS (Global Positioning System) - what is it?

GPS is a global navigation satellite system that contains 24 active satellites. It is used mainly by army or in aviation, but we also use it in our "private" life, mostly for vehicle tracking. It is useful when we want to know where we are and which road should we choose to drive to our destination.

How accurate is it?

It depends on your equipment. If you have the best one, mistakes shouldn't be bigger than 4 meters, but an average mistake is about 8-10 meters.

GPS vehicle tracking/GPS car tracking - how does it works?

We should have a GPS receiver that can send and receive signals from the satelites. Then it shows us our location on an electronic map. Of course when we set the destination point it can mark a route to the point, count how many kilometers (miles) are there left to drive and how much time it will take.

How much have I to pay for using GPS?

Using GPS is free, it is treated as a public good. You only have to buy a special device - GPS receiver.

Does it work always (i. e. when the weather is bad)?

Bad weather shouldn't be disturbing GPS signals but there is a protection that makes using GPS receiver when we are moving with speed above 1600 km/h :)

How much does a GPS receiver cost?

Of course it depends on the quality. The cheapest and the simpliest types cost about $10 but you have to connect it to your laptop (i. e. using bluetooth) in order to make them work. And the rule always is: the better equipement you want to buy - the more expesive it will be. If you want to have the best GPS receiver you will pay more than $3000 - $4000 but it will have a lot of useful options and will be the most accurate.

Where can I buy GPS receiver?

You can buy it in nearly every good car shop and through the Internet too. There are many sites that offer great variety of GPS receivers. You can also check on

Which company produce the best GPS devices?

Well, nobody knows. There are some companies that produce some very good devices but it's very hard to say which one is the best. You must search the Internet and compare a lot of products and then decide which one is the best for you.

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